Momentoes by Mackenzie: The Care & Feeding of Superheroes

I’ve heard it said that we all have a super power, and I believe it. Some people might have more than one. But I thought I’d introduce myself to you today, since I’m new to Soul Mate Publishing and the group blog, by focusing on the superheroes in my own life and the importance of acknowledging those super powers in the people who surround us. I’d like to call it the care and feeding of superheroes.

I have four men living in my house. Lucky woman, you say. Some days, yes. And, well … you know how it goes … some days, not so much. I love my men dearly, but it’s easy for me to get hyper-critical, being the only woman in the house. Imagine that?

One of the men is Mr. Lucas. The other three are the teenaged Lucas men, all in various stages of manhood from age thirteen to seventeen. I’ve come to realize in life that it’s important to acknowledge the strengths and gifts of those around you in order to help them continue to grow. That’s the care and feeding part. More recently, I started to think about which superhero would embody each of the Lucas men, based on their individual strengths. It’s been a fascinating process and has changed, for the better, how I see each of the men sharing the same living space with me.

Here’s what I’ve come up with after my Superhero exercise.

Mr. Lucas Self-Portrait - Cropped

Mr Lucas’s Self-Portrait

Mr. Lucas is Superman. Truly. My husband has a nerdy, beta side, just like Clark Kent–glasses included. And, yet, at the core, he’s a man of steel, a superhero who goes out into the world every day to fight against tyranny. Superman is man at his absolute best. He’s an ideal. Yet he is flawed. He certainly has his Kryptonite and weaknesses. But, because of Superman’s flaws and weaknesses, he’s more human and we can relate to him. It’s his unflagging compassion and his strong moral code that allows Superman, I mean Mr. Lucas, to steer our family and keep all the Lucas men on track.

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